Twenty-two years ago I had the opportunity to saw up some logs for a specific lumber market.  But funds were scarce.  If some manufacturer would just sell me the saw head for a bandsaw sawmill, I could build the rest myself.  But no one would sell me anything but a complete sawmill. So I got to thinking that maybe there were others out there who wanted the same thing I did.  Maybe you want to buy part / build part and have a sawmill that’s affordable.  Now you have a place to go to find what you need to build your own.

We have tried to provide enough information on this site so that you can understand the different choices we offer in regards to having your own bandsaw sawmill.  If you are thinking about building most of the mill yourself, we suggest you first order our DVD and the detailed drawings. These will help you decide if your skills are up to the task of building the mill from scratch.  Perhaps you will decide to get the Basic or Super Sawframe from us and do the rest your self.

If you want a ready-to-saw mill from us, you still have choices of engine size, building the track yourself or even providing your own engine.  Maybe you have other ideas of your own that we can help with.    Please call or email us if you have questions.

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Mill and accessories price sheet

Parts and kit price sheet

Parts / Kits Prices, PDF Mill Price List, PDF

How  to order:

    Print out the mill price sheet or the parts/kit price sheet below  and either mail it in with a      check or call us to order over the phone.  You can then send a check or use a credit card.

   Phone: 541 367 6900