Sawmill Parts

Main bearings:  1 7/16” pillow block bearings.  We position these on each side of the band wheels for maximum stability.                     $35 each   

Main shafts:  Set of two 1 7/16” shafts, on for drive band wheel and the other for the idler.   Drive shaft is keyed.                                                     $50 for set

Centrifugal clutches:    

Heavy duty single groove clutch with  4” belt pulley, for 1” shafts on engines up to 20 HP: $180  

Blade guard or belt guard components:

Unwelded parts for blade or belt guard.              14 gauge steel:                  $75 each                                                          

Welded and sanded guard:  $140 each

Sawmill Assembly DVD:

Shows the assembly, alignment and testing of our sawmills.  Lots of good info if you’re wanting to build your own mill.  Most parts shown, measurements are given and helpful hints discussed. Refundable with parts order:     $35                                                                         

Detailed Drawings:

Shows most parts with hole placements, component positions and size. Best used in combination with above video. Model specific.                             $50

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Extra heavy two belt groove clutch for engines up to 25 HP with 1 1/8” shaft.                    $310