Complete Sawmill Carriage

The Complete  Carriage is available as a kit, as a built-but-not painted or assembled or as an already built and assembled unit.  The Complete Carriage Kit is the only one of the three kits that includes all the parts and steel that you need to build the complete saw carriage as shown below.  You will still need to provide your own track and the engine with its accessories to have a ready to use sawmill.  This must go truck freight.

Model 190A

30" max log diameter




Model 1900

36" max log diameter




Model            Kit                

Built, not assembled



 This kit consists of all the complete carriage parts and pieces, which are cut, welded, drilled and tapped.  You will need to sand, paint and assemble.  There are six holes you will need to drill, but the whole kit bolts together.  No welding required.  This kit includes a DVD showing the assembly, alignment and testing of the mill.  Approximately 16 to 20 hours are required.  You will still need to provide the engine with its accessories and the track.  We can quote prices on the engine and track if desired.

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